- Residents -

Our residents enjoy spending time with each other. They are committed to solid family medicine training and are eager to explore what it means to be a physician with a global health perspective. The residents work as a team in an encouraging atmosphere. Though their training is rigorous, schedules ensure time for family, personal spiritual growth and recreation.

Resident Bios

First Year

  • Jake Fisher Resident Photo

    Jake Fisher, DO

    OK State Univ Oklahoma
  • Brett Grobman Resident Photo

    Brett Grobman, DO

    NY Institute of Technology New York
  • Matt Haney Resident Photo

    Matt Haney, DO

    OK State Univ Oklahoma
  • Slava Lysenkov Resident Photo

    Slava Lysenkov, MD

    Tashkent Pediatric Med Uzbekistan
  • Morgan Miles Resident Photo

    Morgan Miles, MD

    GA Regents Univ Georgia
  • Cherec Morrison Resident Photo

    Cherec Morrison, MD

    Ben-Gurion Univ Israel
  • Joanna Pan Resident Photo

    Joanna Pan, MD

    Loyola Univ Illinois
  • Esther Papp Resident Photo

    Esther Papp, MD

    Washington Univ Missouri
  • Ryan Tischler Resident Photo

    Ryan Tischler, DO

    Western Univ California
  • Josh VanderWall Resident Photo

    Josh VanderWall, MD

    MI State Univ Michigan
  • Cordelia Whitlatch Resident Photo

    Cordelia Whitlatch, MD

    Univ of KS Kansas

Second Year

  • Annie Alex Resident Photo

    Annie Alex, MD

    Angeles Univ Philippines
  • Stephanie Cyr Resident Photo

    Stephanie Cyr, DO

    OK State Univ Oklahoma
  • Tim Green Resident Photo

    Tim Green, MD

    Univ of AL Alabama
  • Adam Greer Resident Photo

    Adam Greer, DO

    OK State Univ Oklahoma
  • Chelsea Kimbrough Resident Photo

    Chelsea Kimbrough, DO

    OK State Univ Oklahoma
  • Vitaliy Krylov Resident Photo

    Vitaliy Krylov, MD

    Kazakh Nat'l Med Univ Kazakhstan
  • Heidi Lee Resident Photo

    Heidi Lee, MD

    Loma Linda Univ California
  • Amanda Lucashu Resident Photo

    Amanda Lucashu, DO

    Touro College New York
  • Johanna McLendon Resident Photo

    Johanna McLendon, MD

    Univ of TX Texas
  • Jeremy Ransdell Resident Photo

    Jeremy Ransdell, DO

    OK State Univ Oklahoma
  • Emily White Resident Photo

    Emily White, DO

    OK State Univ Oklahoma

Third Year

    • Timoth Condie Resident Photo

      Timothy Condie, MD

      Univ of Southern CA California
    • Brandon Gazer Resident Photo

      Brandon Ganzer, DO

      Touro Univ Nevada
    • Joel Geurin Resident Photo

      Joel Geurin, DO

      WV School of Osteo Med West Virginia
    • David Hibbets Resident Photo

      David Hibbets, DO

      William Carey Univ Mississippi
    • Elliot Janssen Resident Photo

      Elliot Janssen, DO - Chief

      OK State Univ Oklahoma
    • Sarah Janssen Resident Photo

      Sarah Janssen, DO

      OK State Univ Oklahoma
    • Collin Musa Resident Photo

      Collin Musa, MD

      Commonwelth Med Pennsylvania
    • Thai-Hao Nguyen Resident Photo

      Thai-Hao Nguyen, MD

      Univ of OK Oklahoma
    • Gabriel Presley Resident Photo

      Gabriel Presley, MD

      Univ of OK Oklahoma
    • Kelli Windsor Resident Photo

      Kelli Windsor, DO - Chief

      Univ of North TX Texas

- graduates -

Over 280 doctors have graduated from our residency program. Fortunately, we are able to keep in contact with most of them through our In His Image Alumni Association. They are working in a variety of locations and a variety of medical practice settings. Although only 10-15% of our residents come from Oklahoma, nearly 25% of the IHI graduates have decided to practice medicine in Oklahoma – many of whom are serving in inner city Tulsa and the greater Tulsa area. Fifteen percent of IHI graduates are currently serving as long-term global health workers and another 10% are serving in Indian Health Service and other underserved populations in the U.S. Most who live in the states are actively involved in domestic or short-term international health outreach, and many are involved in medical education as part of their careers.

  • "IHI is unique. The medical training is excellent and the spiritual training, I feel, is unparalleled. We function as a family and the encouraging atmosphere is invaluable." -Kris Crawford, MD
    Graduate and Faculty
  • "After graduating, my family and I lived overseas for 12 years as I trained local doctors throughout Central Asia. With support from IHI, we were able to carry out the vision God gave us for medical missions." -Matt Acker, MD
    Graduate and Faculty
  • "Due to my in-depth training at IHI (a variety of hands-on experiences and training from family physicians and sub-specialists), I've been well prepared in the sorts of procedures that are needed in the U.S. as well as overseas." - Rodney Burrow, MD
  • "IHI has a Mentoring Ministry. As a resident, I met with my mentor to discuss specific challenges I was facing. She gave me a different perspective and insight into the situation as someone who had been in my shoes." - Laurel Williston, MD
    Graduate and Faculty
  • "Residency encouraged my passion to serve as I helped establish Good Samaritan Health Services. GSHS and local churches now use mobile medical vans to deliver compassionate healthcare to the underserved in the greater Tulsa area." - Catrell Owens-Agbeibor, MD

- Faculty -

We believe if residents are well trained and fully trained, they will become like their teachers. Therefore, the caliber of our faculty, our teachers, is of utmost importance. Every In His Image faculty member is passionate about their faith and view the practice of medicine as a calling and ministry. They are all active in clinical practice to ensure up-to-date skills and knowledge and to serve as a quality example for training residents. In addition to our core faculty, about 50 partner physicians in the community teach our residents their specialty during rotations.

  • John Crouch, MD portrait photo

    John Crouch, MD

    Executive Director Emeritus
  • Mitch Duininck, MD portrait photo

    Mitch Duininck, MD

    Residency Director & CEO
  • Clay Powell, MD portrait photo

    Clay Powell, MD

    Senior Associate Residency Director
  • Chris Place, MD portrait photo

    Chris Place, MD

    Associate Residency Director
  • Ed Rylander, MD portrait photo

    Ed Rylander, MD

    Designated Institutional Official
  • Frank Hamilton, MD portrait photo

    Frank Hamilton, MD

    Medical Director
  • Dustin Cupp, DO portrait photo

    Dustin Cupp, DO

    Assistant Medical Director
  • John McVay, M.Div portrait photo

    John McVay, M.Div

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Matt Acker, MD portrait photo

    Matt Acker, MD

  • Dave Armentrout, PhD portrait photo

    Dave Armentrout, PhD

  • Megan Brown, PsyD portrait photo

    Megan Brown, PsyD

  • Joanna Crawford, DO portrait photo

    Joanna Crawford, DO

  • Caitlin Geurin, DO portrait photo

    Caitlin Geurin, DO

  • Jacob Greuel, MD portrait photo

    Jacob Greuel, MD

  • Ambira Harris, DO portrait photo

    Ambria Harris, DO

  • Ashley Hildebrand, MD portrait photo

    Ashley Hildebrand, MD

  • Carol Howard, MD portrait photo

    Carol Howard, MD

  • Chris Jenkins, MD portrait photo

    Chris Jenkins, MD

  • Jen Jung, MD portrait photo

    Jen Jung, MD

  • Scott Keller, MD portrait photo

    Scott Keller, MD

  • Sarah Killian, MD portrait photo

    Sarah Killian, MD

  • Joel Leitch, MS portrait photo

    Joel Leitch, MS

  • Erin Morgan, MD portrait photo

    Erin Morgan, MD

  • Enis Sakirgil, MD portrait photo

    Enis Sakirgil, MD

  • Laurel Williston, MD portrait photo

    Laurel Williston, MD

- city -

tulsa video thumbOur City

Our city


We love calling the riverside city of Tulsa home, with its numerous parks, many nearby lakes, over 1,000 restaurants, extensive retail shopping, plethora of churches and genuinely friendly people. It is a progressive city in America's heartland where you can feel good about bringing your family. Tulsa is home to two world-class art museums, ballet, opera, theatre and an outstanding philharmonic orchestra. Another very real benefit: salaries stretch farther in Tulsa. While the quality of life here is high, the cost of living is comfortably below the national average.

Tulsa is also an important center of business and technology with thriving businesses in energy, technology and communications, finance, medicine, education and transportation. “Newsweek” named Tulsa one of ten strong emerging technology cities. “Southern Living” magazine named Tulsa one of its "Five Favorite Southern Cities." Tulsa was selected as one of America’s Most Livable Communities by the Partners for Livable Communities and was chosen one of the Top Ten Places to Live by “Relocate America.” Visit these websites for more information: oklatourism.gov and visittulsa.com.