– Residency –


Applications are only accepted through ERAS and must be submitted by December 1. ERAS applications must include your USMLE or COMLEX transcript as well as your NRMP number. Your Personal Statement should describe your background, aspirations and why you are applying to In His Image. Those selected to interview will be contacted by email by December 15. Our program has agreed to participate in Program Signaling and will abide by the PDWS terms and conditions. More information on that here. We have additional information if you are applying as an international medical graduate.


In His Image selects residents on the basis of their preparedness, ability, aptitude, academic credentials, communication skills and personal qualities such as motivation and integrity. IHI does not discriminate with regard to sex, race, age, color, national origin, disability, veteran status, or religious affiliation. Residents are expected to abide by Biblical standards and to not use profanity, illegal drugs or other drugs in an illegal manner. Residents should not participate in gambling, stealing, cheating, sexual impurity and other immoral activities. Residents are expected to refrain from tobacco products and to not misuse or abuse alcohol.

Residents must be graduates from a LCME or AOA accredited medical school or be ECFMG certified. Applicants should apply to multiple programs such as those listed by CMDA under National Ministries > Students > Residency Programs. In His Image uses the NRMP match and complies with their policy that a program may freely express interest in a candidate but must not offer a guarantee that any candidate will be ranked within the program quota.


IHI offers in person interviews. When interviewing in person with In His Image, you will be assigned a resident Day Host. A typical interview day with In His Image begins with a hospital tour and participation in morning rounds at St. John Hospital. From there, you (and your spouse, if applicable) will tour our clinic and administration site where you will participate in interviews with the Residency Program Director, two Attendings and an Administrator. Lunch will be provided, during which time you will have an opportunity to chat casually with a group of current residents. That evening, resident hosts will take you to dinner and help to answer any questions you have about residency at In His Image. Our program will provide lodging for you (and your spouse, if applicable) while in Tulsa and will also help offset the cost of your airfare or car travel by reimbursing all or most of your costs.

– Clerkships –


Our preceptorship is designed around an active outpatient clinic experience to help medical students develop skills in the evaluation and treatment of ambulatory medical problems and to learn about the operation of a busy family medicine clinic. We also include an inpatient experience to gain exposure to some of the peculiarities and unique methods of running an inpatient service from a whole person family medicine perspective.

In His Image Family Medicine Residency Program welcomes U.S. medical students to apply for a two- to four- week rotation during their third (March-May) or fourth (July-December) years of medical school. No health service, liability insurance or board is provided for visiting students. Upon request, we will do our best to accommodate lodging requests through resident host homes. IHI will also help offset the cost of your airfare or car travel to and from Tulsa. Students MUST have their own car or rent a car for transportation during their rotation.


Current U.S. medical students: To apply for a Clerkship, click the Apply Now button below and submit answers to the listed questions. Then, upon notification of preliminary acceptance, a full application form must be completed and returned along with a letter of good standing from the Dean or other official, proof of liability insurance and an official medical school transcript.

Visiting students must complete the application process no later than six weeks prior to beginning of the rotation. Verbal or written notification of cancellation of the elective must be received no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the course.

(Note: We are not able to consider IMGs for clerkships, observerships or externships.)